The Most Common Ways to Cook Fish Head

The Most Common Ways to Cook Fish Head

We would like to share an incredible seafood ingredient today. Fish head always made an awesome dish from different cooking style. The most common dish that we always seen in the local Chinese stall which is fish head noodle. Today we work further to share 3 recipes that will definitely impress you. 

There are Chinese, Malaysian and Western cooking style for different occasion. Try them tonight!

Chinese Cooking Method - Braised Fish Head with Bean Curd Stick


Malaysian Cooking Style: Fish Head Curry 

Western Cooking Method: Fish Head Soup

If you like something simple and healthy, this is a great idea for you to try out. It is  warm and hearty soup especially for rainy days. I love the fresh seafood taste with some vegetables when I'm not fancy with anything very strong taste.

Check out the recipe here:



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