Fried Threadfin  ( Ma Yau )

Fried Threadfin ( Ma Yau )


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Portion: 4-5 pax 分量: 4-5人份
Time required: 30 minutes

Ingredients 材料:
1 threadfin (~600g) 马友鱼 – 1 条 (600克)
5 garlic (peel off skin, flattened) 蒜 – 5瓣 (去衣拍扁)
5 cili padi with seeds removed (flatten it) 小辣椒 – 5条 (去籽拍扁)
2 strand of spring onion (cut into slices) 葱 – 2棵 (去根,洗净切段)
1 tbsp soy sauce 酱油 – 1汤匙
½ tsp salt 盐 – 少许
8 tbsp oil 油 – 8汤匙

Preparations:  准备功夫:
1. Cut criss-cross slits on the fish, clean it, remove entrails, rinse and drain it. 在鱼身斜划两刀,洗净,沥干

Steps 煮法:
1. Heat the wok with oil 烧热锅,下油待热
2. Add in fish, fry with medium-low heat for 5 minutes, then flip over and fry for another 5 minutes, set it aside 放入鱼,转中小火煎5分钟,翻过鱼身在煎5分钟,上碟
3, Reuse the same wok by removing excessive oil, heat the wok, add in garlic and saute 同样的锅,去除多余油份,烧热锅,下蒜爆香
4. Add in spring onion, chili padi 加入葱段和小辣椒,爆香
5. Add in soy sauce, fry evenly, turn off the gas 下酱油,搅匀,熄火
6. Dress the fish with sauce, it’s done! 把酱汁淋在鱼上,完成

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