How to Recycle Your Styrofoam Box

How to Recycle Your Styrofoam Box

Myfishman team is always looking for the alternative solution to replace the Styrofoam box. We have tried to using a more sustainable paper box but end up received a lot complained by our customer why we using paper box instead of polystyrene box

We agreed that paper box can only keep cold within 2 hour and it is not easy for us to know when our customer got to unbox it after received. 

In the meantime, polystyrene is the only packaging available that will keep your fish lovely and fresh for 48 hours.

Myfishman believe in sustainable fishing, means we catch fish that are in season so your Freshbox may change from one order to the next.

You simply select which FISH BOX you would prefer and we’ll deliver the best choice depends on what’s been caught that day.

Let's aim to eventually we can have a recyclable packing to continue our sustainable seafood revolution. Before we achieve this , let's return your polystyrene box and get RM2 on each returned polystyrene box.

Step to returned and get the RM2 discount : 
1. Be sure to clean before return the polystyrene box to us. 

2. Pass your polystyrene box to our driver upon your next order.

3. Inform our customer services team though whatsapp / FB Messenger 

4. RM2 discount will be issue and use for your next order.

*Kindly take note that our driver have right to reject any smelly / dirty and incomplete polystyrene box. 

Let's together keep our place clean and protect our environment !