How To Safely Thaw Fishes & Seafood

How To Safely Thaw Fishes & Seafood

Customer always concerns about the fish quality and how to thaw fish, it become the most question asked by our customers.

Yes! Improper thawing can lead to food borne illness, unpleasant and dangerous.

Good food is amazing! Read on for how to thaw your seafood to that it maintains its optimal quality!


What Fisherman did ?

Fishermen gutted and clean the fishes right away after the fishing boat come back. They freeze it to ease the delivery and to maintains it’s great taste and quality. Our fishes is so fresh and will still taste amazing after being frozen.

Here is our fisherman tips of how to defrost your Freshbox fish quickly and safely.

Thaw food by placing in cold water

It’s the quickest and safest the way to defrost food. This knowledge is mostly confined to the food industry but most people don’t seem to aware of this.

How ?


1. Place the frozen fishes in a freezer bag to keep water out

2. Place into a bowl of cold water to prevent bacteria from growing.

3. The fish will then thaw quickly, as water conducts heat more effectively than air, which hastens the process.

Once defrosted, we advise you do cook within 3 days.

Enjoy your fresh seafood :)