Reason Why You Shouldn't Dine Out At Mother's Day

Reason Why You Shouldn't Dine Out At Mother's Day

Mothers are great, and they deserve a day during which to be celebrated. It is a day to applaud and appreciate the love, care and support of your mom, grandma, godmother or someone you look up to.

So you want to go out to eat on Mother's Day? We urge you to stop: Don't go out to eat on Mother's Day.


  1. You might need to wait when you get to the restaurant. Yes, even if you made reservations Why? Because restaurants can't control how long customers feel like staying even they have finished their meal so long and today, they ALL feel like lingering.
  2. The restaurant has run out of that thing you want cause they can't predict how much of any one item will sell on a super busy day.
  3. When you're done, please leave in a timely manner. If you're hanging out for an hour after you've finished eating on this day of days, you are an asshole.
  4. Services on fire. Servers are under enormous pressure to get each one right.

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