How far do you cover for delivery?

We delivery to KL, PJ, Bangsar and many more! We use Zoomit as our delivery partner to guarantee delivery within the delivery window.

How much is the delivery charge?

Minimum delivery charge is RM100 and the delivery charge per box is RM20. Delivery is free on all orders over RM300 except on Saturdays.

After receiving my Freshbox, what's next?

Unbox the Freshbox and put your fishes straight into your fridge or freezer if you are not cooking immediately.

Do I return the boxes to you once I'm done?

We can't reuse the boxes as the cost to recycle them is higher compared by customers. Some customers use them in gardens as propagation boxes or you can reuse it for picnics.

Recommended storage of fishes

Put them in the freezer as soon as possible. If the fishes appear a little soft, as long as there is ice in the box, it should be at 0°C and safe to freeze.

If you have completely thawed the fish, please place them at the bottom of the fridge and cook within 24 hours.

Oily fish - 4 months

White fish - 8 months

Flat fish - 10 months

Prawn, Squid, Crab - 6 months

What do you mean by "Fresh"?

Some have now taken to describe food that's "chilled" as means of differentiating it from "frozen". So when we say fresh, we really mean it! Our fish comes to you as close as it comes straight off the boat. We freeze our fish at the freshest stage to preserve the maximum taste and nutrition.