Where Does Your Seafood Come From?

We source products direct from our partner boats ( Kuala Selangor , Sg Besar), the morning fish market as well as from other reputable fisheries from across Malaysia.

Why Do I Have To Order Freshbox Rather Than Individual Fish Type?

To ensure the freshest fish, the best price, and to make things easy. Most important we introduce more seasonal and included more sustainable seafood type in your daily meal. 

Why Don't You Charge by Kg By Your Fish ?

We want to bring ‘Convenience to your doorstep’ so we want to be able to sell seafood in a user-friendly way.

Most people don’t know how much a whole snapper weighs for instance – we have taken the guess work out of it and our prices are based on providing a generous portion of fish per person.

The minimum weight is 100g per person, and often you will receive more than this at no extra cost.

What If By Chance A Certain Product Not Available?

One of the benefits of our boxes is that they are designed with choice in mind so we can select the freshest fish available – however if it does occur, we will substitute with something equally as delicious. 

What Do You Mean By "Fresh"?

Some have now taken to describe food that's "chilled" as means of differentiating it from "frozen". So when we say fresh, we really mean it! Our fish comes to you as close as it comes straight off the boat. We freeze our fish at the freshest stage to preserve the maximum taste and nutrition.

How Far Do You Cover For Delivery?

We delivery to KL city, PJ, Bangsar, Mont Kiara, Segambut, Puchong, USJ, Subang, Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam, Ampang, Kepong, Sg. Buloh and more! Our delivery partner will ensure they deliver within the delivery window.

How Much Is The Delivery Charge?

Minimum order is RM100 and the delivery charge per box is RM20. Delivery is free on all orders over RM300 per trip.

Outstation delivery is RM35.

How soon can you deliver?

Normally this is within 48 hours (taking into account that we deliver Tuesday to Saturday). This allows us time to source, prepare, dispatch and deliver your order to you.

For example, if you place an order Monday, we can deliver Wednesday. Place an order on Friday, we can deliver on Tuesday.

However, please note that during busy periods this may be a longer leadtime.

Delivery Window ?

Our standard delivery service is : 

Every Tue - Sat ( from 10am -8pm)

When Is The Last Day You Can Order?

Order can be amended the day before delivery and before 12 noon. 

Can I Modify My Order ?

Kindly take note that you are not able to modify your order after cutoff date and no last minute cancellation upon confirm of purchase. All orders confirmation are non-refundable or transferable. Please contact our customer services team if you have any issue to order and you need to change your order before the cut-off date.

All party package and MyFreshBox ( Customize your own FreshBox - min order RM250. Suitable for Party , Private Event, Private Chief Party and etc) - please order at least 2-3 days in advance

After Receiving My Freshbox, What's Next?

Unbox the Freshbox and put your fishes straight into your fridge or freezer if you are not cooking immediately.

Recommended Storage Of Fishes

Put them in the freezer as soon as possible. If the fishes appear a little soft, as long as there is ice in the box, it should be at 0°C and safe to freeze.

Flat fish - 10 months

Prawn, Squid, Crab - 6 months

If You Are Not Around At The Time Of Delivery?

As part of our service agreement you have given us permission to leave your order at your delivery address. When you place your order you can detail special instructions as to where we leave it. We simply ask that this is easily accessible and that if you have a dog it’s tied up!

Please note that we will only call you three times, if we are unable to reach you, due to whatever reasons, or you do not pick up the call, we will leave it on the front door or at the guard house (for apartment and condominium).

Orders are delivered ONCE. If the recipient is requested to returned to Myfishman or reschedule or relocate ,when rider arrived , notice will send to a customer that myfishman's driver has tried to deliver. The sender is responsible for bearing any delivery cost for a second delivery attempt.

Do I Return The Boxes To You Once I'm Done?

We can't reuse the boxes as the cost to recycle them is higher compared to customers. Some customers use them in gardens as propagation boxes or you can reuse it to store your food for a party.  

If I Am Not Happy With The Seafood You Sent Me?

Please call us on 0199843413 or send us an email at ordermyfishman@myfishman.com no later than three days after the date you received the Box.

Our ‘100% Money Back Guarantee’ guarantee means we are 100% committed to making it right.

No Online Banking , Bank Account For Bank Transfer

After choosing a particular FRESHBOX, you can make the payment via a bank transfer. (Kindly show your receipt to myfishman.my FB or Whatsapp - 0199843413)

Payment Info
Account name : Myfishman Enterprise
Bank Details : Maybank 
Bank Account : 512343712727

Email Add: ordermyfishman@gmail.com

Will Fresh Fish Always Be Available?

The availability of all seafood at market can be impacted by many different factors – Seasonality, bad weather, tidal variations, which boats are landing, or even good old-fashioned fisherman’s luck… and in the current circumstances, unprecedented demand has further added to uncertainty. When fish happen to be plentiful at market, we try to buy a little extra which we expertly prepare and blast freeze, here on site, for just such an eventuality.