Freshbox is a seafood subscription service that delivers fresh seafood directly to your home or business. You can choose to receive your Freshbox weekly, or biweekly.

Sustainable fishing means we catch fish that are in season so your Freshbox may change from one order to the next.

You simply select which FISH BOX you would prefer and we’ll deliver the best choice depends on what’s been caught that day.

All fishes and shellfishes are freshly caught and hand picked by our fishermen into your Freshbox within 48 hours of docking. You can request to pause your Freshbox delivery during the holidays at any time without any additional charge.

The quicker seafood is frozen, vacuum packed, and protected from the atmosphere, the better!  

All seafood is gutted, cleaned, packed individually and fresh to frozen before delivery, with the added bonus where we'll randomly throw in a few special fish for you to try, and these fishes will be selected to match according to your cooking style

Do refer to here for detailed information about the ordering and delivery.

Barbara Jack

"Thank you Cony, Audrey and crew. Excellent service from time of order to delivery (Y) You took the effort to comply with my request. I purchased the RM100 box and there was so much fish! It'll take some time for me to finish them but rest assured 'I'll be back' :) Barbara"

Catherine Pua-Taylor

"What an Excellent service ! Speedy delivery to my door step within the day after placing my order. Thank to Audrey for helping me to choose all the seafood I need and they all arrived super fresh too. I will definitely use My FishMan again !"

Wendy Subramaniam

"Have been ordering my seafood from myfishman since last year.. excellent service, prompt response and delivery. seafood are always very fresh and clean. even bought a freshbox for my parents in JB, and they were very happy with the quality. will definitely introduce friends and family to purchase from them."

Hassle free premier seafood delivery services in Malaysia. Fresh seafood delivery delivered right to your doorstep with just a click! Get your Freshbox today!